anachronautann-a-kro-nort noun. A person who re-enacts several time periods and is inclined to introduce articles from these activities into the steampunk world.

audiotorianord-ee-o-tor-ee-an noun. A person who works creatively in the fields of steampunk music and sound effects.

chrononautkron-o-nort noun. A person who travels in time. This may simply be demonstrated by the wearing of anachronistic dress in a particular time reference.

cogglercog-gler noun. A person who applies cogs or a cog design to make simple cosmetic changes to an object without fundamentally altering it or adding function. See also primocoggler

confabulatorcon-fab-you-laet-or noun. A participant in online discussions.

congeniatorcon-jee-nee-ate-or noun. Someone who is diplomatic and civil with whom it is possible to have a pelasant conversation.

contraptorcon-trap-tor noun. A person who creates functional or practical steampunk devices. Also a person who extensively  modifies a device to meet the steampunk aesthetic yet maintains its functionality.

erzatzuh-zats adj. A fake or replacement material. e.g. leatherette rather than leather and plastic rather than metal.

ferroequinologyfeh-ro-eh-quin-ol-o-jee noun. The study of railway engines.

gizmologistgiz-mol-o-jist noun. One who is expert in several technical fields.

numptynum-p-tee noun. A fool or clumsy oaf. Also numptifiednum-p-tee-fi-d adj. Where an object has taken on numpty characteristics.

primocogglerpree-moh-kog-gler noun. An artist who uses cogs and gear motifs to create acclaimed works of decorative art. (From coggler)

regurgitatorree-gur-jee-tay-tor adj. noun. A derogative term for someone cobbling together items from erzatz materials (plastic, fake leather etc) to produce shoddy, second rate goods for sale.

scriptorianskrip-tor-ee-an noun. A person who puts down as text creative steampunk ideas.

shellackershell-a-cur noun. A person who paints on object with the aim of making it appear more fitting to the  steampunk world.  From  shellackshell-ak verb. To paint (Usually in metallic colours)

snozzlesno-zul noun. A nose like brass part essential for the passage of water through an engine. Also vul. a nose, snout or other appendage on a steampunker.

steamacritstee-muh-krit noun. One who complains about non working gears being used while coating a Nerf gun with paint and calling it a raygun.

steamchavstee-m-chav – noun. A person who adopts commercially available and labelled garments and accessories on the grounds they are respected by other steamchavs rather than any inherent aesthetic or ideological value.
Also, steamchavvystee-m-chav-vee adj. Applied to describe mainstream, sellout articles or goods valued for their provenence and social acceptibility rather than their actual merit.

steampunkaneerstee-m-pun-kan-ear noun. A less than reputable person involved in acts of derring do and miscellaneous larceny, usually onbaord aerial vessels.

textiliertek-still-ee-yay noun. A maker of fine quality steampunk clothing.

thrunge plateth-run-j-play-t noun. An essential yet poorly understood element to virtually every steampunk construct. It is invariably the thrunge plate which fails when a device fails to operate correctly.